Still In the Game Not Quitting

Whats going on? I hope all is well. Since this is my first blog post on this site let me introduce myself. I’m Donnell Lowery and I have been doing marketing all my life. Whew I’m finally at the point where I can say that. You see we are all marketers if we like it or not. If your married you had to market your benefits to your mate. Even at your interview you marketed yourself.

I started on the internet in the mid nineties. I was doing offline marketing before the term was coined. I had built a website that hosted sermons from different churches. It’s funny I use to take a cassette tape and record the audio to my PC than up load the audio to my server and some how get the custom Windows player to stream the audio. Those where the days before Youtube and I remember you could keyword stuff and get away with it. It’s when excite was the major email provider. Remember them?   Maybe not, I’m getting old.

Well times has changed, but one thing has not.   My desire to continue to learn about online marketing and make money online is strong as ever.  I believe your just as passionate about this online marketing journey as I am.  It’s actually never a dull moment.

If you stick around I’m sure we will all learn a thing or two.  I will be sharing some of the best fiverr seo gigs that has given me good results.  Some of the gigs will be mine some will be from others that I have had a chance to test out.

It’s after 1AM here, so I’m signing off.  Stay tuned for my next post where I conduct a case study on how to resurrect your website form the abyss of the Google search engine where no one can find you.

Good night

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