Why you shouldn’t use fiverr links on your money site

When you have a site that you took time and money to put it all together you should want to take care of it.  You should not want to surround it with bad company.  That’s why I recommend never to link fiverr back links directly to your money site.

I hope that you have been keeping up with the latest updates from Google.  Google frowns upon your site being connected to a lot of junk sites.

So what do you do to protect your sites from hanging with the wrong crowd?  You create buffer sites.  Now these buffer sites must have good unique content when linking to your sites.  The buffer sites are your foundation and should be able to withstand any change that Google throws out.

Pictured below is an example of how to link your buffer sites.  Don’t get me wrong not all fiverr links are bad.   You just got to know what to link to your money site and what not to link to your money site.

 Buffer Sites

 Here are some fiverr recommend gigs you can use as buffer sites.

Web 2.0 sites

5 web 2.0 sites

75+ web 2.0 properties

High authority 2.0 Web 20 pages

With this gig you just have to make sure the articles are good that are on the web 2.0 site.  Good quality articles is a must.  Once you have your foundation.  You can start back linking each web 2.0 site with other back linking gigs that we reviewed on our blog or other that you know about.


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