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I Know You Expected Something Else, But this is Way Cooler Trust Me...

You'll Discover How to Get Domains With Real Traffic Like This, and Make Passive Income

I know the income above dosen't seems much, but it's the easiest one ever. Also I got lucky the first week and a bit unlucky 2 weeks ago, but hey, I only paid $30 for the 3 domains which generated those numbers.

That's a quiet good investment if you ask me. And those could be easily Your numbers.

So what's my secret? There is no secret really, I buy the expired domains from abandoned Youtube channels (like the one which got you here). That's it.

But yes, I use a software called My Traffic Jacker 

It was designed exactly for this job and as you can see it works fine. You just type in the keyword and it checks up to 500 videos for expired domains, then list them to you along with the videos, then you check channel, how many videos the guy has etc. When something seems promising you save the project and check the same video view count few days later. It increased? Then probably most of channel's videos getting views too, time to buy the domain.

The possibilities are endless you can

  • Redirect the domain to an offer
  • Flip the domain on flippa
  • Funnel traffic to your existing sites
  • Generate leads and build a list

Oh and it works with Wikipedia too...

I won't discuss how to use this software as it's pretty straightforward, and they have tutorial videos about the whole process. If that's not enough, they have case studies and monetization ideas too.

As it's just launched you can grab this awesome money maker for a one time price instead of an annyoing monthly fee.

You want my personal advice? Give it time, try different angles, think outside the box and You will find gold mine domains in no time.

Click the Button Below and Check Their Video